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Credits & Publications

Scarlet Leaf Review

Gabriel comes home to find Maggie, his girlfriend, relapsing into her alcohol addiction. Published in 2018.


A collection of flash fiction stories featuring people who want a way out. When trapped on a space ship, in a coma, or just a bad situation, fight or flight instincts kick in one way or another. Most choose flight.

Professional Experience

For details about my work history, click the button below to download my resume. 


Flash Fiction | Crime

Legendary hitwomen Vivian de Fiore is having a hard time getting her client to pay up. But is everything as it seems?

Short Story | Sci-Fi

Glenn Young, head engineer aboard the colonization spaceship Vision, is asked a favor from the AI he hates the most.

One Minute
Flash Fiction | Horror

You set your timer, or watch your clock, or count. You are stuck. For one minute. Here is what happens.


Spaces Between

An exploration of questioning gender and what it means to be genderqueer.


First-hand experience with having the COVID-19 virus in the summer of 2020.

Magnetic Poetry Series

A weekly, ongoing collection of free-verse poetry, written using fridge magnets. Ko-Fi members vote on the topic of each week's poem.


Mouth of the Devil
Independently Made | In Beta

A Twine text adventure set in the Old West with a fantasy twist. You play as a half-devil, come to a town called Littlecreek seeking revenge. The longer you stay, the more you learn nothing is as it seems in this place. So you’d better watch that mouth o’ yours.

My Grandma's a Witch!
Independently Made | Concept

A top-down, turn-based RPG, starring Claudia Delacroix, and her quest to rescue her grandchildren from her ex-husband and necromancer, Xavier Cromwell. 

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